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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Bahati and Diana Marua working on family reality show


In an Interview with local interviewers, Diana Marua and Bahati disclosed that they are working on their reality show 'The Bahati's', specifically season two.

"We are privileged to be the first Kenyans to risk it in a reality show on National TV and you know when you are first to do something, when you come back you need to be better and we promise you that it is going to be a banger and you should expect the new season of the Bahati's soon," the couple added.

They also revealed that they took a break because of Covid adding that the second season is going to be called the Bahatis instead of Being Bahati since the family has grown a lot and that Diana has also become a star assuring their fans to just expect the best from them saying that;

"Hatukua tuseme hiyo" meaning, we were not supposed to say and expose this we just wanted it to be a surprise and continued by saying that it might be the first Kenyan reality show to be aired on Netflix.

" It's going to be the best family reality show in Africa" the father of five noted.

Regarding the expectations of their fans, the couple worded that they are just going to show who they are, their real life, and what they stand for which is family, the virtues of family, and lifestyle.

Adding that " There is a lot to be expected on that show but trust me it's going to be a different level."

They revealed this after coming from their trip from Dubai as they explained how they enjoyed their vacation while still missing their little ones.    

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