German govt. issues serious demand to Nyako over her TikTok page


Kenyan TikToker Pilot Nyako has been issued with a demand letter to file taxes from money earned from TikTok gifts.

She has also been told to declare how much she earns daily from the video-sharing app.

Nyako on her popular TikTok channel, shared details from the two letters, as Kenyans also shared their pain about taxation matters.

"I have been given up to 30 November to declare gifts to the Government. How much gift do I get? I have been given an ultimatum of 30 November 2023, to declare TikTok gifts," displaying the small slip from the German Government.

"Alafu barua ingine is a letter to find out how much do I earn on TikTok every day. From Monday to Sunday," she showed the tables that she had to fill with information.

"This is a letter from the Government. Yes I will send it back," saying she will fulfill her obligations as a taxpayer to the relevant tax authority.

Here's what you should know about Tiktok gifts:

- It's income in exchange for streaming. 

-The taxation of TikTok gifts can vary depending on the country and its tax laws.

-Each gift has a different value, ranging from a few coins to more valuable items like diamonds or cars.

-TikTok creators convert the gifts they receive into real cash, therefore tax applies.

-In some countries, these virtual gifts may be considered as income and subject to taxation.

-If you are a TikTok creator and have received gifts, it is important to keep track of the value of these gifts and report them accurately on your tax return. 


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