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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Why Diana and Bahati's popular photographer stopped working with them


The Bahati's have explained why one of their photographers stopped working with them.

The man behind the lenses identified as Steve better known by his social media accounts Infinity Clix is no longer tagged on their photos for quite some months now.

Speaking after landing from Dubai, Marua said Steve got bigger opportunities and it was time for him to grow in his career.

She clarified that there was no bad blood between them and the photographer.

"What you need to understand is people grow, you know? And people need to expand into different careers when the time comes.

So for Infinity Clix it was about time that he also had other ventures that he wanted to focus on. Other bigger projects that he wanted to work for and it was a goodbye space for us and him.Unaacha mtu a flourish, a flys wings. No bad blood at all."

In the interview, Diana also addressed her beef with Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha Donna unfollowed Diana Marua after dissing her in her song, Narudi Soko.

Diana who addressed her online media after her business trip in Dubai said she has no beef with Tanasha despite her unfollowing her.

Diana said she was not aware that Tanasha had unfollowed her.

"Tanasha and I are good friends. We are good friends and we support her whenever she needs us," Diana said.

Diana further said that whatever she said in the song is not something to hold a grudge about.

"For me, it is not anything to carry beef about or become personal. I have been unfollowed, I do not know since I was so busy in Dubai."    

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