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Monday, 8 February 2021

Well-known broker escapes KRA sting operation


A business broker on Saturday escaped a police dragnet that could have exposed an intricate syndicate in a ministry. The broker, working with influential politicians, is said to have been running the show at a strategic parastatal in the giant ministry. The latest bid that broke the camel's back was a multi-million shilling tender for the supply of software to the agency. The firm associated with the broker and the politicians submitted fake KRA tax return certificates. The firm has been winning lucrative tenders without paying taxes. The James Mburu (pictured)- led commission set a trap to nab the man but the bid failed at the last minute due to a security lapse at a major city hotel.

A communications company is facing serious problems after it emerged it had breached the data privacy of its customers, in violation of the law. The company's top executives have been holding meetings for days on end trying to clear up the mess and ensure the regulator does not get to know of the breach. However, the word is the regulator is already seized of the matter after receiving complaints about the issue from the firm's customers. The matter is set to become a big test for both the company, which is expected to safeguard personal data, and the regulator, which should enforce the law.

A land registrar representing counties in both Central Kenya and Rift Valley is under fire for what his critics call unacceptable arrogance. Even staff working under him are complaining bitterly that the man is a bully and works the way he pleases. He dismisses Kenyans seeking government services - and solicits handouts. But why is the man operating with so much impunity? Those in the know say he is under the protection of two of his tribesmen in influential positions. One is a senior provincial administrator in charge of a county while the other is a senior lands official at Ardhi House, Nairobi. Coming at a time when Lands CS Farida Karoney is spearheading radical reforms, maybe she needs to take note of this notorious officer.

A businessman eyeing a Western governorship is giving a county chief sleepless nights with his countless meet-the-people tours to popularise his bid. The businessman has attended several meetings with top politicians, sparking speculation he could get their endorsement. A little bird tells Corridors the county chief has assembled a team whose mandate is to crush his popularity. The entrepreneur has been meeting locals in groups and giving them insights into scandals that have riddled the current administration as he promises to spearhead the recovery of stolen properties.

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