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Monday, 8 February 2021

Slain woman’s phone found in ex-lover's liquor store


DCI detectives in Kayole have made progress sifting through evidence in the killing of Margaret Mucheme, burnt inside her house.

They found her cell phone hidden in her estranged lover's liquor store in Umoja.

The 34-year-old woman was allegedly tied up in bed and the house set alight by her former boyfriend, Charles Oluenyi, the owner of a wines and spirts outlet in Umja.

He is the main suspect.

The case will be mentioned on February 17.

Muchemi's charred remains were recovered from her bed in Njiru by residents who had rushed there to put out the fire.

Two domestic workers at the woman’s house told police she had asked them for privacy when Oluenyi arrived at about 8am because he had wanted to be alone with her.

He was arrested on January 27 in connection with the murder, after being on the run for a week since the killing was reported on January 21.

Cornered, he had tried to commit suicide by jumping off the fifth floor of a house in Kayole. Residents watched the drama for hours before he surrendered.

The suspect was then seen holding and sharpening two knives, which police said he used to stab himself in the neck to avoid arrest.

Later in the afternoon, the house went up in flames; nothing was salvaged.

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