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Friday, 25 December 2020

How to leave work at work this festive season


This holiday season, avoid the inconvenience of breaking your festive mood to attend to work against your will. Follow these six steps to strike a healthy work-life balance this holiday.

Plan and work ahead
To enjoy your holiday, organise your diary. If you will be staying away from work for a while, ensure you have very little work pending. Where possible, familiarise yourself with tasks scheduled for the start of the new year so that you have an easier time come January.

Set limits
You are allowed to decline assignments you can’t handle. It is better to turn down an assignment than to take it up and do an underwhelming job. Say NO and don’t justify your position too much. Taking only enough responsibilities allows you to finish them on time and to proceed on holiday with a clear conscience.

It is important to determine what tasks need to be finished before you break for the festive season. As you prepare to take leave, start with assignments with a closer deadline. Long-term projects can wait. Before you break, however, bring your supervisor up to speed with your progress and let him know from where you intend to restart at the beginning of the year. This way, everyone will celebrate the holiday without the anxiety of unfinished work. 

Explore a flexible schedule
Where it isn’t entirely possible to put off work until the beginning of the year, it is necessary to develop a flexible work plan that accommodates both work and festivities. You could work for a few hours in the morning and hang out with family the rest of the day. The idea is to remain productive while on your break. Don’t overwork yourself.

Minimise notifications
Some of us just can’t stop working. Receiving calls and reading office emails can be draining, and obviously keeps you from making the most of your break. Unless urgent, it is okay to defer business until the beginning of the year so that you can bond with your family without distractions.

Don’t feel guilty
If you have finished your assignments, go ahead and celebrate with family and friends. Do not feel guilty that some people are still at work. You deserved the break. Taking a break from work will allow you to recharge for a long working year ahead.

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