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Friday, 25 December 2020

Was top Nakuru medic demoted over his political ambitions?


Last Saturday, a seasoned medic, Dr Joseph Mburu, hosted a group of friends numbering more than 200 at a Naivasha hotel for a goat-eating afternoon.

When the guests rose to speak, there were political undertones with those chosen to speak calling on the trained radiologist to actualise his dream of joining politics.

When it was his turn to address his goat-eating friends, he embraced the challenge, announcing that he will join the Senatorial race in 2022. 

With this declaration, the medic, unknowingly and inadvertently, had shot himself in the foot. The reaction from his county bosses was swift and consequential.

Soon after, Dr Mburu was demoted from the plum job of heading the Nakuru Level Five Hospital and transferred to a nondescript facility in Molo as a radiologist.

A letter from the Department of Health Services, Nakuru County, signed by Dr Solomon Sirma, affected at least eight doctors.

“The following deployment has been discussed and approved awaiting official posting order. The officers are expected to report to their new work stations immediately,” read the letter in part.

The most conspicuous change was that of Dr Mburu, who topped the list of changes, being posted to Molo-SCH as a radiology specialist.

Chequered career

Dabbling in politics appears to have influenced the swift action by county heads given his chequered career as an administrator. 

Soon after making the official announcement, the Nation contacted the radiologist seeking a comment over the situation. The medic was unrepentant and said he was ready to bite the bullet.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come…it is time to experience new challenges,” Dr Mburu said.

He is credited with transforming the Naivasha Sub-County Hospital to one of the best facilities in the region after taking over as the boss.

A below-par hospital prior to his tenure, Dr Mburu oversaw several changes, including construction of the maternity wing that saw the number of deliveries increase from 400 to 600 a month.

Dr Mburu also oversaw heightened sanitary levels at the facility, making the hospital one of the cleanest in the area.

Over the course of his career as an administrator, his leadership style has endeared him to many as he also streamlined the collection of cash within the hospital.
His successes saw him being poached by the new administration when Lee Kinyanjui took over as Governor.

The medic, however, promised to honour the transfer but remained defiant about dropping his political ambitions.

“I'm ready to report to the new work station,” said Dr Mburu in a telephone interview.

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