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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Uhuru declares a National Prayer Weekend from Friday-Sunday


President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the country will hold three-day prayers for the nation this weekend from Friday to Sunday.

The communication from State House spokesperson Kanze Dena said Kenyans are encouraged to pray for the country in their usual places of worship in compliance with Covid-19 containment protocols.

On Saturday, the president will convene an inter-faith national prayer service at State House, Nairobi starting at 10am.

"The inter-faith prayer service will be broadcast live to the entire country on all leading television, radio, and digital media platforms," Kanze said.

This will be the second national prayer in the country since the virus struck the nation on March 13, 2020.

On March 21, the president led the nation in the National Prayer Service against the coronavirus at State House.

During the service, the clerics picked 11 points as prayer items.

These were;

1. Prayer for those infected by Covid-19 in Kenya and their relatives 

2. For those who lost their lives around the world due to Covid-19

3. For strength and healing of fear due to the pandemic

4. For other National calamities and challenges

5. For those suffering terminal illness such as cancer, HIV/Aids

6. For all health providers and workers and researchers

7.  Resilience and tolerance of all Kenyans

8. For patience and courage 

9. For true unity of Kenyans and promotion of harmony and brotherhood

10. For all healing of the nation, overcoming coronavirus and recovery for good health 

11. For the prosperity of the nation, for promotion of social and economic values

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