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Friday, 15 May 2020

Two dead as gangs fight in Naivasha

Illegal fishermen catch fish in Lake Naivasha.
Two people have died in Kasarani estate in Naivasha following a fight between two gangs over the control of illegal fishing. 
Five residents who were caught up in the fight were injured in the estate that is home to hundreds of flower-farm workers.
Gilgil MP Martha Wangari said the gangs had been attacking residents using crude weapons in the evenings.
Wangari said that she had raised the issue with the security personnel in Naivasha after residents identified the gang leaders.  
“Residents of Kasarani are living in fear due to these attacks and we are asking security officers to rein in those involved,” she said.
In the latest incident, a young man who was found fishing in the lake was slashed to death, she said. 
“It's time these gangs were tamed,” she noted.
Naivasha subcounty commissioner Mathioya Mbogo said that those involved had been identified but they had gone into hiding.
Mbogo said that the control of illegal fishing in the lake was the main cause of the wars.  
“We have held several security meetings with area leaders and those involved in these criminal activities have been identified,” he said.
The commissioner admitted that the rising number of illegal fishermen in the lake was to blame for an increase in crime around the lake.
“We have formed a multi-agency security team to address the issue of illegal fishing in the lake and several suspects have been arrested,” he said.
A Kasarani resident said that the gang of young men was assaulting people as early as 7pm.
“We have to retreat to our houses before 7pm or else they will maim us,” he said.

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