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Friday, 15 May 2020

Tanzania questions Kenyan virus tests on truckers

Tanzanian authorities have questioned the validity of Kenyan government coronavirus tests on her truck drivers.
They do not trust tests done on their drivers without the supervision of our doctors.
Longido District Commissioner Frank Mwaisumbe on Thursday asked Tanzanian truck drivers to take tests in the country. The truckers will use the clearance to cross the border. 
“And if that cannot be possible, the owners of goods being transported to Kenya should come for them at the border as our drivers will have no other option but to leave them in Namanga,” he said. 
Mwaisumbe spoke to Azam TV at Namanga town after touring their immigration offices. 
Faith Shona, a resident of Namanga, said truck drivers from Tanzania do not stay in one place as they await test results. 
Shona feared many people may contract Covid-19.
The Tanzanian authorities criticised the results of coronavirus tests announced on Tuesday by Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman.
Aman had said that nine of the cases reported in Kajiado were truck drivers who came in from Tanzania. 
The CAS also clarified that Kenya was testing Tanzanian truck drivers before they entered the country.
He said they would notify authorities in Tanzania of any positive result to allow them to take up the cases.
Aman said that five Tanzania drivers were found to have contracted the virus.

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