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Monday, 12 August 2019

Students embody patriotism at a music festival

Kenya National Music Festival
Patriotism was the main theme as the Kenya National Music Festival entered its ninth day at Kabarak University on Sunday.

Thomas Wesonga's "Tushangilie Kenya", which was part of the patriotic music class, sounded in the hall.

The hearing was brought back to the old days of retired President Daniel Arap Moi and Kanu's reign when the song was practically a national anthem at all national holidays and all party functions.

The nostalgic listeners, especially those of the older generation, sang the performers with enthusiasm, most singing the refrain "Kenya tunayoipenda, daima!

Wesonga composed many songs, most of which were praises of Me and the ruling Kanu party, such as "Tawala Kenya tawala", but "Tushangilie Kenya" was his greatest success and has been played so far in national functions.


The song was chosen by the organizers to nurture patriotism. Among the institutions that played were St Marks Obambo High School, St Ignatius, Erisia, Bumumba and Sosinja.

Still on the theme of patriotism, the mixed choirs of secondary schools also participated in another category where the Kenyan national anthem was played.

Kenya National Music Festival Executive Secretary Ruth Agesa said many Kenyans do not know all the lyrics of this national song that embodies the essence of Kenya and its nationalism.

"It is unfortunate that many people, especially young people, can not sing this simple but profound song that, like the national flag, means our Kenyan identity," said Agesa, noting that the majority of Kenyans can only remember the first verse of the anthem. it's learned in primary school.


St Peters High School, which is a mixed institution, went off on its own while Makueni Girls and Mwaani Boys came together to form a choir.

St John's Boys played alongside Mukumu Girls, while Moi Girls sang with Sunshine High School.

The Loreto Limuru girls sang with the Lenana school, while the visually impaired Thika school played alone.

The balance of voices (pitch, tone and rhythm), costumes and presentation were all at play. This twinning of boys 'and girls' schools promotes unity and cooperation.

In school twinning, it is possible to determine which schools are "friendly" to each other and, in some cases, the institutions ignore many schools in their neighborhood and occur with others from afar.

Nairobi School, Starehe Boys and Mang'u High School won the honors.

The reasons why these schools are dominated are simple. They have active groups playing at school, at national level and in other areas.

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