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Monday, 12 August 2019

Wife of missing mogul Tob Cohen questioned

Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen
While the mystery of the missing Dutch mogul, Tob Cohen, intensifies, the police questioned Sarah Kamotho, his ex-wife, as she tried to reveal the whereabouts of the Kenyan-based businessman.

So far, they have no clue as to what happened to the golf millionaire, who had a divorce case going on in court and had been alleging assault on his wife for 12 years.

The chances of seeing a video footage of his last moments in Lower Kabete's home on July 19th evaporated after the police learned that the cameras were being knocked out on August 3rd, exactly two weeks after M's departure. Cohen.

The only chance they have is whether they can get pictures of a neighboring house or street cameras.

Police sources said that the interrogated workers, supported by Ms. Kamotho, said that Mr. Cohen removed the cameras and that they were only replaced after his disappearance.


Mr. Cohen, known in the world of golf, has been missing since July 19 and contacted his family and friends shortly after being stopped by a "white car" at his door, according to his employees.

Why a man who had expressed his fear of life and wrote to the police about security cameras - while building a high security wall - is not yet clear; and that's one of the issues the police are looking at.

"The police were told that even though the wiring had been done, Mr. Cohen had removed the cameras from the door," a police source said.

The Nation determined that during the weekend the detectives returned to Mr. Cohen's home and interviewed his wife and workers who claimed that he had left on his own.

"Apparently, the woman was very calm during the interrogation and told us that Mr. Cohen sometimes disappeared only to reappear two weeks later," said a detective.


But when she spoke to Nation on Amsterdam Sunday, Cohen's sister, Gabriela, said that she spoke to Cohen on the day of his disappearance and did not say he was ill and would travel .

"We spoke twice that day and he did not tell me he was leaving. For several months we had agreed to talk every day because he lived in fear of his life, "Gabriela said.

It was Gabriela who denounced the disappearance of her brother and informed the Dutch police who called their Kenyan embassy and sought information. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Nairobi addressed the DCI.

Mr. Cohen's sister is now afraid that the police will not progress.

The detectives found no evidence of the day they left by CCTV, so we reliably learned that they would focus Tuesday on the phone data to help find Mr. Cohen's moments.

Although it appeared that he had never left the country, it is now established that his phone was launched near Parklands on July 20th.

Ms. Kamotho told the police and the nation that Mr. Cohen was "mentally disturbed" and was going to Thailand for treatment.

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