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Monday, 12 August 2019

Chief of Police Arrested in Lamu for Releasing Drug Dealer and His Mission

Chief Inspector Shadrack Mumo, an OCS attached
A police command post in Lamu has been arrested for a drug-related case.

Police sources said the SCO, Chief Inspector Shadrack Mumo, was attached to Kizingitini's police station in Lamu.

The county police commander, Mr. Muchangi Kioi, confirmed the arrest by stating that the arrest followed the release of a drug shipment from his police station.

Sources also said a drug suspect was also released in unclear circumstances.

Police officers at the police station reportedly demanded a bribe of 50,000 shillings to cover and release the drug load that had just been caught at Mtangawanda Pier in Lamu East on Sunday morning.


Matiang'i resumes war on drugs after Bamburi attacks
Drug trafficking is said to be an enormous load of bhang seized in transit between Lamu Island and Siyu, in eastern Lamu, by police officers allegedly detained by members of the public. It is said that the value of bhang street is worth hundreds of thousands.

Sources identified the released suspect as Mr. Swabri, who confided drugs to a Mr. Mohammed, as the officers failed to report how the suspect and his trucker disappeared from their place of detention.

Mr. Kioi said that two more officers would be arrested.

"We will jeopardize our investigation if we share more information about it - we are clearing it up," he said.


The arrest came just hours after Secretary-General Fred Matiang'i resumed Sunday the war against drug trafficking on the coast, responsible for, according to him, the proliferation of gangs of killers terrorizing the inhabitants.

Dr. Matiang'i warned that dealing with drug traffickers would be "painful".

"I do not doubt that it will be painful, but we are ready to begin this journey," said the SC after a three-hour meeting with security officials and politicians in Mombasa.

Dr Matiang'i said the government's war on drugs would take a step forward, "even if it looks at each other".

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