Meru Man Raised by Single Mum Builds Her Beautiful House, Gifts Her Car: "Token of Appreciation" - Breaking Kenya News


Meru Man Raised by Single Mum Builds Her Beautiful House, Gifts Her Car: "Token of Appreciation"


The grateful man built his loving mother a multi-million mansion as a token of appreciation for all she had done for him. Robert Mwiti said his mother played a crucial role in his life, raising him without the support of a father figure. Showing affection for mum "I was doing this to thank her for all she has done for me. If it were not for her definitely, I would not be here. I appreciate and love her," Mwiti told noted his mum bore him when she was quite young and passed through many challenges caring for him. She faced stigma and embarrassment from society as she had to drop out of school after falling pregnant. Struggling to raise son "It was difficult for her. Being pregnant when she was still in school was challenging for her. She never abandoned me but bore the shame to the very end," the co-founder of Kenya Airlift Program, which aids Kenyans in studying IT in the US by taking care of their logistics, noted. The man from Meru who met his wife while taking his neighbour to the hospital also gifted his mum a brand-new car and handed it to her in a heartwarming ceremony. His mother could not hide her joy s she received the amazing gift from her loving son, who remembered his mother's struggles and suffering. Ex-house help builds mum house in Kitale In a similar story, a former house help built a house for her mum months after unveiling an impressive bungalow. Deborah Odari worked as a house help before transitioning into a teacher and a county government employee. Odari inspired many Kenyans after unveiling an impressive house she built in Kakamega county. “Building materials in Kitale is costly. I decided to buy some of the materials in Bungoma town, including paints, doors, glassware and wiring, because it's cheaper," she said.   BY TUKO NEWS   

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