Daddie Marto: Why I dislike emceeing at weddings


Celebrated Kenyan actor/ MC and influencer Martin Githinji, popularly known as Daddie Marto is opening up about the highs and lows of being an MC and why sometimes he dislikes the profession.

During an interview with Pulse One on One the father of 3 went on to reveal that he dislikes being a master of ceremony at weddings and actually prefers corporate events.

The Kenyan thespian revealed that sometimes he takes up weddings and other intimate family moments jobs reluctantly, as over the years he has noticed that being an MC at such events on occasions does end up taking uneventful turns.

Marto maintained he prefers being a master of ceremonies at corporate events as opposed to family ones as there are very minimal chances of one getting caught up in family politics or being overwhelmed by expectations from all the interests represented at the event.

According to him, emotions tend to fly a lot during weddings and sometimes said emotions tend to interfere with things such as the events program. 

Weddings have feelings and it is very hard to control feelings, especially when people are rightfully entitled to their feelings because it is their event,” the award-winning actor said.

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Daddie Marto. The actor has revealed the amount he earned as his first salary
Image: Instagram

Highlighting why he held such strong sentiments the County 47 actor went on to give an example of a family situation that might prove difficult for an MC as navigating it might leave one party disgruntled.

An example is like maybe when the uncle wants to speak but the groom doesn’t want him to speak, yet it is the uncle who called you for the job, you get into a conflict,” Marto highlighted enforcing why wedding events are the bane of his career.

He finished off by explaining he loves formal events and corporate gigs, as the instructions are delivered crystal clear.

"I mostly focus on corporate events. With corporate events, it is clear-cut. So this is the brief, these are the people to talk to, the people not to touch, these are the topics not to engage in and all that.

Like this is the limit of your jokes, you can test as much as possible but just know you are talking to this caliber of people,” finished off the actor.       

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