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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Staying at a 4-star Dubai hotel isn't as pricy as you think!


Travel enthusiasts will be delighted to know that it's not expensive to vacation in Dubai. This is according to travel experts who converged at the Movenpick hotel for the Dubai Tourism Roadshow.

Desy Darmawan from The First collection Group of hotels explained to participants what they needed to know when planning a trip to Dubai.

Speaking to Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, Darmawan said,

"I'm representing the first Group of hotels. It's one of Dubai's leading hotel investment companies and right now we have a lot of investors from East Africa region including Kenya. We have 4 hotels under the first Group hospitality. We are looking to grow visitors to Dubai especially from Kenya."

She told that they are new to the Kenyan market and are hopeful to attract Kenyan visitors

"We have started to receive a lot of individual requests and group requests as well. We roughly have now around 102 every month from Kenya every months as a region and we are looking to grow this number.

We have a very large inventory so each hotel we have 650 rooms. This is the largest inventory and we have also some hotels with 437 to 490 rooms. So in total we have almost 2,000 rooms in our inventory from these four hotels."

One concern Kenyans have when making travel plans is the cost of accommodation. Damawan disclosed that it's affordable.

"The rates are always different depending on the season. That is for us because our property is four stars in terms of category so it's very budget friendly. It's lower than five star hotels and it's very affordab  le.

In the summer season it can start from around 50 to 60 dollars, In the high season, it can go upto 200 dollars. But also depending on the hotel occupancy."

Our hotel is very nice. The location is very friendly for leisure, especially if you want to see Dubai . We have hotel in the marina area which is very popular destination very close to the beach." Darmawan added.

The process of booking in Dubai hotels was addressed and is not difficult for even first timers as they can easily get a hotel online.    BY DAILY NATION  

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