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Sunday, 14 February 2021

When you finance romance then your lover dumps you


Love hurts, but more so when one party in the relationship sacrifices valuable time, energy and money only for the object of their fantasies to casually walk off into the arms of another lover.

Everybody sacrifices something to get into a relationship, it's the level of personal investment that differs between partners. The investment of personal resources leads to questions about whether relationships should generate a return on investment.

If the answer to that question is yes, then isn't it reasonable that people investing their lives in relationships should expect a positive benefit from that romance?

On the other hand, the question arises on the obligations of a romantic partner who benefited from the material resources of the other. Does the beneficiary owe a debt to their romantic benefactor? If yes, is it a lifetime debt?

The popular song, 'Stella Wangu,' is a story typical of someone who made emotional and material investments in a lover but got disappointed when promises were broken.

Coast musician Freshley Mwamburi sings of his heartbreak when Stella, his fiancée in whom he invested so much, has a baby with another man.

In the classic, now enjoying a comeback after a remix, Mwamburi describes selling his valuable property to raise money for Stella's studies in Japan. He croons melodically about his love for Stella and the expectation she would be his wife after coming back to Kenya.

On the day of her return, which Mwamburi vividly remembers as May 17, the prospective groom was at the airport, ready to receive his lover, whom he had missed so much.

The overjoyed Mwamburi went with all his friends and relatives. He had prepared them into a reception delegation for his future bride.

Imagine the shock when Stella stepped out of the aircraft carrying a foreign-looking baby. A Japanese man tagged along behind mother and child. The bombshell unfolding in front of his eyes was so much for Mwamburi that he could not utter a word, until he finally wailed in his Taita mother tongue, "What should I do?"


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