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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Our family photo must be hanged on the wall at Fiolina’s new workplace


When we parted ways here last week, Fiolina was planning to go for a job interview. She actually had two job opportunities. 

Regarding the first job, I had no information on what it was and where it was, although she had said it would pay better than what I earn. 

The second one was a counter-offer from me: To become a BoM teacher at Mwisho wa Lami Primary School, the same school I serve as the de jure deputy and the de facto headmaster.

This second job was a perfect fit for her. It did not need applying, no need for interviews, and has few risks since I will always know where she is. What’s more; it has security of tenure. The pay may not be so good but if she does a good job, she improves her chances of getting a TSC job as and when they become available. 

Fiolina dismissed my counter-offer outright and the next day, Friday of the other week, she went for her first interview for the job. I felt helpless as I did not have any advice that I could give. The only thing I asked her was to be confident but never to look at the interviewer straight in the eye lest she comes out as arrogant.

The interview was being done in Kakamega town and I gave her fare to Kakamenga and back, plus something for lunch. I did so since I did not expect her to pass. I just wanted to be able to say I supported her should she fail. Have I not always been pro-women?

'Attitude test'

She did not say anything when she returned home. She actually returned earlier than I had expected and went straight to bed. I did not need a calculator to know that she had seen stars in the interview, and I was not surprised.

But on Monday afternoon she was called to go for a second interview.

“God is great, dear. I passed the attitude test! That test was tough and tricky!” she exclaimed.

I had never heard of anyone being tested for their attitude. I wondered why anyone would test another person’s wife’s attitude. And knowing how negative Fiolina’s attitude is, I was surprised that she had passed.

Under normal circumstances, I would have called Pius to ask him what and how an attitude test is done, but I did not for I was not so sure about his involvement in Fiolina’s job.

So I called my cousin Kizito, Nimo’s husband.

“I have never heard of attitude tests, may be altitude,” he replied. “They just test your ability to think fast, logic, general knowledge, some math and a little computer knowledge.” 

I was confused, for I always knew altitude to be something we learnt in geography, although I can’t remember what it was.

Good job

It’s only when he sent an SMS that I realised he meant aptitude, a word I had never heard before. Either way, logic, math, general knowledge and some computer skills have never been in the same WhatsApp groups with Fiolina.

This strengthened my belief that there was some hand behind her success.

She travelled to Kakamega last Wednesday and when she returned, she was a little excited, not like the last time when she had seemed devastated.

“It is a sales job, although I don’t really know what I will be selling,” she said. “And they seemed to like me. They even started discussing the salary.” 

I asked her what they had told her.

“They asked me if I am willing relocate to Kakamega town,” she said.

I was shocked to hear that she had expressed willingness to stay in Kakamega, far from me. 

“Is there a problem?” she asked, upon seeing my facial expression. “This is a good job that will help us live a better life.” 

Family portrait 

I did not doubt this; I was just worried what will happen with Fiolina living far from me.

The next day she was asked to send her academic certificates, KRA Pin, passport-size photographs, and a certificate of good conduct. One part of me was happy that my wife was getting a job that paid very well. Another part was afraid.

I accompanied her to Kakamega on Friday morning to get a certificate of good conduct and other documents. I also wanted to see the office and survey the people who work there, particularly the boss-to-be.

After visiting the police for good conduct certificate, we went to a photo studio to take the required passport photographs. We took the opportunity to take a great family portrait.

Although I have not told her, before accepting the job I will demand that the photo be placed in her new workplace at a place where everyone can see. I will also want another one in the house she will rent in Kakamega. Everyone must know that Fiolina is taken, and happily married.

I will add any other rules after we get to know what the job entails.

For those of you whose wives do sales jobs, is it a good job? Should I be worried? Or am I getting myself into problems?

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