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Monday, 22 February 2021

KPLC to assess Syosambu site after the death of three giraffes


Kenya Power is assessing the situation in Syosambu conservancy in Nakuru after the death of three giraffes.

In a statement on Monday, KWS said the company is expected to replace the poles to prevent electrocution of giraffes within the area.

"Preliminary reports indicate that the height of the electricity poles crossing the area are low below the giraffes height," Kenya Wildlife Services said.

It noted that Tourism CS Naib Balala is also engaging the Energy CS Charles Keter on the same for a lasting solution.

The three giraffes were electrocuted in Soysambu Conservancy, bringing the number that has been killed so far to 11.

On Friday morning, two males of Roths' child species were electrocuted. On Saturday, one more died at the same point where the first two died.

On Sunday, a source said the third one to be electrocuted had gone to the same spot where the first two had died.

"We believe it went to that spot after getting a smell of blood," the source said.

She revealed that the two first carcasses had been moved away from power lines to avoid vultures and other giraffes coming to the spot to mourn.

There are four species of the animal, three are found in Kenya.

These are the reticulated giraffe also known as the Somali giraffe (15,524), Rothschild’s giraffe (609), and the Maasai giraffe (12,717).

In Kenya, we have about 29,000 giraffes.

The deaths of the species come even as the government last year announced that it will use all means to protect them and allow their population to grow.

In 2018, a giraffe recovery plan was launched with the aim of addressing some of the challenges facing the species.

Balala said the government in 2019 made a spirited effort by giving the giraffe more protection.

He said almost 112 giraffes are hosted at Nairobi National Park.  By THE STAR 

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