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Thursday, 11 February 2021

It’s time to reflect on, and drop, our disgraceful reading culture


As Kenyans wrap their brain around the newly unveiled Competency-Based Curriculum, 8-4-4 graduates must reflect on the now moribund education system. From what I have read, the new 2-6-3-3-3 system is promising many good things and we should encourage our children to embrace it.

That said, the phasing out of 8-4-4 is also an opportune time for us to reflect on its weaknesses, and the impact it has had on our lives and economy. I’m sure about one thing concerning 8-4-4 students and graduates: They have a poor reading culture. Many stop reading once they complete high school. I had a friend in high school who loathed reading. He often confessed that he would never read anything once he completed school. Not even posters or billboards.

What about you? When was the last time you read a book? Some of us only read eulogies during burial ceremonies. It’s sad.

We seem to have never heard of the good things that come with reading. Haven’t you heard that readers are leaders? And that reading is to your mind what exercise is to your body? Have you not heard that the average Fortune 500 company CEO reads at least four books a month? And you must have heard that Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world. Have you heard that he used to read two books in a day when he was young?

The world is inclining more towards self-initiated learning through online courses on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

People are becoming more intentional with their reading and learning. Even if you cannot read four books a month, read a few pages a day. Find books on your favourite topics. Read about what you love. Don’t force yourself to read books that are not appealing to you.

If you start a book and after the first chapter you are already drooling on the pages, look for something much interesting.

Let us invest in books. Instead of buying your child a smartphone, maybe it would be better if you installed and stocked home library. Just a thought.

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