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Saturday, 6 February 2021

I am my own man, Mudavadi says ahead of 'bruising' 2022 battle


Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi says he is not waiting to be handed the presidency by State House and has urged his supporters to prepare for a "bruising" battle ahead of the 2022 General Election.

Mr Mudavadi, speaking in his Vihiga backyard on Friday, appeared to demonstrate to his supporters that he is his own man, ready to face his challengers in the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He took a swipe at the Luhya voting bloc that keeps saying it is yet to ''see'' him and that he is yet to tell them his political direction.

“It is time for transition from Uhuru to Mudavadi. Let us not wait to be given [sic],” he said.

Mr Mudavadi's remarks follow media reports that he is the preferred choice for State House and has President Kenyatta’s blessings.

An article in a local daily stated that State House handlers prefer Mr Mudavadi to take over come 2022.

President Kenyatta, speaking at the burial of Mr Mudavadi's mother on January 9, said it is time for politicians from tribes other than the Kikuyu and Kalenjin to lead Kenya.

“Getting out”

Mr Mudavadi on Friday urged his supporters in Western Kenya to get ready for the battle with campaigns fast approaching.

He also asked the people to ''release'' him so he can tour other regions and form new political friendships in his quest for the top post.

"Let us get out, get identity cards and register as voters because we want numbers. This is how to ''search for the password'' as (Cotu Secretary-General Francis) Atwoli has always told us,” he said at the burial of Mr Francis Chogo, a former mayor and commissioner at the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya

"It is through the people that one gets elected. Be careful at the ballot. Do not vote blindly because leadership is not about dishing out handouts, insulting others and dancing on the podium.”

The ANC boss further reiterated that Kenya is in bad shape and that, if elected, he will revive the economy and intensify the fight against corruption and poverty.

"We are in debt to the tune of Sh8.3 trillion. More debts lead to higher taxation, hence an increase in the prices of essential commodities. We need leaders who will strive to correct this as the government is on "fuliza" mode,” he said.


In his address, Mr Atwoli said Mr Mudavadi should be his own man, dismissing reports that he is the preferred candidate as propaganda.

The Cotu boss asked the Luhya community to wake up and end its wishful thinking -- that the top seat is freely handed over during transition.

"The Luhya community should not listen to reports that State House is in favour of Mudavadi. This is the same song being sung to other politicians. Don't fall into that trap as it is propaganda. Let Mudavadi sell his agenda in order to win votes,” he said.

The unionist added that sitting next to the President does not mean Mr Mudavadi will be handed the seat on a silver platter.

"He should go to Rift Valley and Nyanza where we have many friends. He should also negotiate with (Wiper leader) Kalonzo [Musyoka], Kanu’s Gideon Moi and others.”

Mr Atwoli also urged all Western Kenya politicians to walk with the Amani boss and shun Deputy President William Ruto, whom he claimed will not succeed Mr Kenyatta.

He said Dr Ruto is chest-thumping and name-calling other regions, which “will not make him President”.

Mr Atwoli also accused the Deputy President of introducing class wars in the country through his ''hustler versus dynasty'' political narrative.

He said Mr Mudavadi is the right person to repair the country’s collapsing economy.

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