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Monday, 8 February 2021

How to escape the graveyard that is Kenya’s job market


I am studying hard at university but I’m well aware of the graveyard that is Kenya’s job market.

Every year, thousands of graduates join the infamous ‘jobless corner’, with 80 per cent of unemployed Kenyans being youth under 35. 

This worrying trend got me thinking, “just, what can I do differently?”

I have been researching on this subject for a while and I have discovered that having a clear career plan can make a whole big difference.

Career planning is a deliberate process through which one becomes aware of their attributes and life-long series of stages that contribute to their success and fulfilment.

It is a continuous iterative process of understanding oneself, choosing a career path, setting career goals, acquiring skills and building competencies.

While this sounds obvious, you will be surprised by the sheer number of young people who do not have career plans.

I have taken a personal initiative to research and build my career plan, and this is what I plan to do after graduating with a degree in economics.

Career plan

First, within my first year of graduation, I intend to pursue some side but related courses in business, management or accounting. After this, I intend to work as an intern for half a year in a local chemist where -I will put my accounting skills into practice.

Having received my recommendation letter from the chemist, I’ll seek employment in the field of accounting.

I plan to save most, if not all, of my income with a view of starting a side hustle.  In five years, I expect my side hustle to be doing well. 

After five years, I intend to embark on the career I studied — I could be a policy maker, be a financial adviser, and so on.

With my five years of experience in the bag and knowledge in economics, I have a strong belief I would stand a chance at getting employed in a bank.

I will also reinvest in my business and make sure it grows by the day. So help me God.

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