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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Hamisa to sue actress for Rayvanny dirty video link


Hamisa Mobetto has threatened to sue Kajala Masanja, a Tanzanian actress and a mother, whose daughter Paula was taped in a viral video getting cosy with Rayvanny.

Kajala said Hamisa was the one who introduced her daughter to the singer, claiming her daughter was given alcohol and was not in the right state of mind while taking the videos.

"Hamisa Mobetto asked me to give her my daughter for a lunch date. She took advantage and went to link my daughter up with Rayvanny for her own advantage. They gave her alcohol and recorded dirty videos," Kajala wrote on Instagram.

She went on to accuse Hamisa and Rayvanny of leaking the video and asked the government to intervene.

"What was your agenda with my daughter if not to waste her? Hamisa has hurt me. My daughter is young and sees the viral videos on social media. I am asking for the government to help me."

Paula has since deactivated her social media accounts.

Responding to the actress, Hamisa denied having introduced Paula to Rayvanny, saying the two might have met on a different day and not the day she took her for lunch.

"I am not your damage control. Yes, I took your daughter for lunch and all that time, I was updating you on our whereabouts," Hamisa wrote.

:When I was with her, she had different hair from when she was with Rayvanny."

She went on to say she is suing the actress for defamation. "I have a brand and it should be respected. I am a mother and I am also someone's child. You’ll hear from my lawyer. Rest assured I will not let this pass just like that. It will be a good lesson to those who have been trashing my name."

Rayvanny has not commented on the issue.


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