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Monday, 15 February 2021

Former MCA humbled, now operates boda boda


Life has a way of humbling people. A former MCA from a Western county has fallen from grace to grass. It is said when he served as a member of the county assembly, he used to show off his wealth and drove a big car. But the former successful businessman is now operating a boda boda. A little bird tells Corridors that months after he was voted out in  2017,  he relocated to Nairobi where he ate life with a big spoon, visiting clubs and casinos. Little did he know he was a man standing on quicksand.

Was a comical lawmaker from Nairobi feigning ignorance when he opposed his colleague’s endorsement of the BBI Bill? His colleagues got talking after he rose to complain that the contributor was endorsing the Bill as if it were his own. In the mind of the lawmaker was that his colleague was endorsing the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 – the BBI Bill, which is yet to get to be approved by 24 county assemblies. Another MP was overheard shouting after the man was ruled out of order that the lawmaker is not alone. They want BBI Secretariat to distribute copies of the Bill set for referendum.

A government official toying with a idea of running for a governor in  2022 threw a fit two weeks ago after fellow professionals snubbed his bid. The official had planned a meeting with business people to endorse his candidature and send a message to his financiers and supporters that he has his base under lock and key. A source says the officer, after the failed meeting, gave the professionals a dressing down for pulling in different directions, risking his ultimate endorsement. Corridors understands some well-to-do persons told him to his face they do not need handouts from him, having painstakingly built their businesses from scratch and therefore will make up their own minds about who should be county boss.

Recently Corridors told you how a senior engineer in a parastatal lost Sh7 million said to have been carted away by a houseboy and taken out of the country. Now the engineer who is overseeing several lucrative projects has given up the hunt for the young thief who ran away with the money - believed to be kickbacks from contractors. The man is reported to have given up retrieval after his wife told him, "Don't worry about spilt water as the port can still go to the river and fetch again." Thus bolstered, he plans to recoup the money and the means he plans to use are sending chills down the spines of contractors.


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