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Monday, 22 February 2021

‘Finger of God’ Apostle Hellon eyes presidency


Esther Arunga's former spiritual guide Apostle Joseph Hellon has announced he is running for the presidency in the next election.

Speaking to Ali Baba on Radio Jambo on Friday, Hellon explained why it took him 11 years to announce again that he is running for President.

"I have gone through baptism by fire and media scrutiny, and I’m now older and wiser, and I have re-strategised on how I will do this," he said.

"We were 10 years ahead with our manifesto (for the Finger of God political party). We have modified it a bit."

Asked how he will get the money to run his campaign, Hellon said he has businesses and that is where he gets his money from.

"We have the money. I have never gotten money from the church. I never take tithe and offering. When you look at our church profile online, we don’t take money, but if someone offers, well and good, we will take it."

Asked why he is running for President and not for a lower post like MCA then work his way up, he said, "When your calling is the tail then wag it. Mine is the head, that is where I will start. I have always been at the top."

Adding, “If I win, I will continue playing my saxophone even in State House, and the church will continue. Yes, I will still preach. But it will not be my job to convert Kenyans, but those who follow me there are free. Wanasiasa ndio wanaichafua. Siasa sio chafu. That is why we are coming to clean up the political game."

He was also asked if he has been in touch with former news anchor Esther Arunga, who was his former running mate.

"She is my cousin, we haven’t spoken since 2010. She said I told her to stay away from Quincy Timberlake. She said she wants nothing to do with me. That was the last time we talked."  By THE STAR 

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