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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Drip: Best fits for this confusing weather


The weather can really be a bum sometimes, never making up its mind, confusing our bodies almost all the time and forcing us to keep changing our outfits.

Well, that's the world we live in. Nothing is promised and you just never know what will happen the next day and the weather is equally unpredictable.

Nairobi and other cities have been experiencing some confusing weather changes; one minute it's raining, the next minute the sun's out with all it's glory. I mean you just never know how tomorrow will turn out.

For weeks now, it's been quite hot and sweaters are a no no, well don't stash them away because it gets chilly at night and all of a sudden Nairobi is raining almost every night.

All your clothes are clean and well arranged in your closet, but you just don't seem to settle on the right outfit for the right weather.

Well, let's try a few outfits you can always go for when caught in a confusing weather;

1. Light sweaters

These are heaven sent as you can wear them whether during a hot or cold day. They don't make you feel uncomfortable especially when it's hot because they are light.

And when it gets chilly, your arms are well covered.

Woman dressed in a light sweater.
Woman dressed in a light sweater.
Image: Photos for class.

If you want, you can always carry a light scarf to wrap around your neck and chest just in case you are out at night and it can also play as a head wrap in case you don't want your hair wet on a rainy day.

2. Leggings

Whoever invented leggings was clearly chosen to come save us because they are the most comfortable clothing one could own.

During a sunny day, you can throw in a pair of colourful leggings or if you are a  subtle person you can settle for your greys and blacks.

Pair your leggings with a beautiul top of your choice and if you are going out to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, pair that look with cute sandals so as to let your feet get some fresh air.

When it's a bit chilly, pair your leggings with a warm jumper and closed shoes such as sneakers. Trust me, you don't want your feet wet. It's quite uncomfortable.

3. Jumpers

Jumpers are life savers if you ask me. I mean, they come in handy in so many ways than one. When it's cold that's a go to and when it's hot and you don't want to remove your jumper, you can still rock it if its light.

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