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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Catch attention of the guy you’re attracted to


It’s a curious thing, but everyone thinks that it’s the guy who should make the first move in a new relationship. But actually you should. Because good guys never approach a girl unless she’s made it clear that that’s what she wants him to do.

So if you feel you’re not getting enough attention from the sort of guys you’d like to date, then you need to start sending them clearer signals! Because unless you do, you’ll only be approached by the bad guys! Does that sound familiar?

Begin by making the right general impression. One that will specifically attract the good guys.

Dress well so you feel good about yourself. Everything fitting perfectly, and showing just enough skin to excite the right man’s curiosity.

Flirty gestures

Always look happy, with a sparkle in your eyes, a soft and low voice, and a carefree laugh. Men like to feel appreciated by a woman, so respond with a smile to even the slightest courteous gesture.

They also love flirty gestures, so tease back anytime the right guy starts anything. And let him know you’re romantically interested in him by managing your eye contact.

Start by casually glancing at him now and then. Sooner or later he’ll notice and look back at you. Lock eyes for a split second and quickly look down. Then look back with a slightly shy expression on your face.

Make that glance equally brief. Because he’ll assume that when your eyes met the first time, it was just an accident. But after your second peek he’ll realise that something is going on. Do it again.

Lock eyes with him

By now he’ll be keeping an eye on you, so it’s time to reverse the direction of the glances. Stop looking his way for a minute or so and just watch him from the corner of your eye.

Chances are he’ll go on checking to see if you look back at him.

Wait for him to look at you. And just as he does, look back. Now he’ll feel like he’s the one glancing at you, rather than the other way around.

Lock eyes with him for a second or two and then look away with a smile. Talk to your friends or pretend you’re busy, and then stare at him again for a second or two. Look away again with a bigger smile.

Smiles back

Is he looking at you as often as you’re looking at him? No? Give up and move on. You can’t win them all. But if he is? Next glance, look straight into his eyes and smile nicely. If he smiles back, you’ve won. 

Now you need to give him an opportunity to talk to you!

Maybe an unnecessary trip to the bar? Glance towards it when he’s looking at you, look back at him, smile, get up and wander slowly by, looking at him one more time as you pass.

Only a total wimp would fail to come and talk to you. By Daily nation  

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