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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Body positivity: Double-edged sword of image consciousness


I’ve been thinking: Is body positivity just a waste of time and energy or does it really have a positive impact on us?

Why do young people go through hell in order to have that perfect body that some model, musician, TV personality or even pop icon is flaunting? 

Why do some of us hate their bodies so much that they can’t stand looking at themselves in the mirror? 

Why do we lose ourselves just to fit into a particular group that has cool guys or beautiful girls with perfect bodies?

Body positivity

Body positivity is all about loving the body that you have, taking care of it and improving it where you feel you need to improve.

If you are petite, you appreciate how petite you are and even participate in activities like modelling to boost your self esteem.

If you are plus-sized, love yourself even more, walk out there, eat and even dress like you owe no one an explanation, join plus-size advocacy groups and get yourself out there and model.

Whichever body size or shape, take care of it, treat it to a bubble bath, take your time oiling it and dress in whatever fashion you love.

Positive mindset

On the other hand, if you can improve your body, then why not do it? Hitting the gym and getting that dream body, being on a diet and even coming up with a lifestyle to improve your body is also body positivity. 

So don’t laze around. Do that yoga you badly want to, dance to fitness as you’ve always dreamt, run the kilometres that you know will guide you to your success, go to that pitch and do what you are best in. 

But, honestly speaking, sometimes this body positivity does not help me at all, instead it makes me feel miserable about myself and, other times, it motivates me and I feel as though I am on cloud nine. 

During these times, whether low or high, I find a way to deal with them and I always come out with the realisation that it is my obligation to love myself. So do you girl! Be you dude! Have that positive mindset.


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