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Friday, 1 January 2021

Uhuru's 2021 message to Kenyans: Build back better


Build back better.

This is President Uhuru Kenyatta's message to Kenyans, hours before citizens cross over to 2021.

While delivering his New Year speech on Thursday night, Uhuru urged Kenyans to look forward to a better year in 2021.

In his message, the president reminded Kenyans that the dawn of a new year is not just a calendar event that marks the passage of time.

"It symbolises transition, renewed hope, new opportunities, and limitless possibilities. A New Year brings with it the chance for rebirth, renewal as well as restoration," Uhuru said.

He added that "But we cannot experience the ‘newness’ of a new year without a renewal of minds. I say so because you cannot seize the opportunities and limitless possibilities of 2021, if we are stuck in the mind-set of the old year 2020 and the previous years."

The president urged Kenyans to adjust their mind-set and to embrace the spirit of renewal and hope, possibilities, growth as well as triumph.

He noted that Kenyans cannot wish away the woes of 2020, but that if the country changes its perspective, it can bounce back and bounce back better.

"I know that we cannot reverse our losses, but we can rebuild what we had before the onset of Covid-19."

He also said urged Kenyans to usher in the new year knowing that the amendment of the constitution is still on course.

"The proposed first amendment to our constitution in 2021, I believe, is a bold path that seeks to lay the foundation for a juster, more inclusive, more equitable, and more prosperous Kenya. It also seeks to make right our politics by eliminating “Winner Takes All” and replacing it with “We All Win”.

The president has also lauded the efforts of the healthcare workers who are at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus.

"I wish to recognise and thank our medics, our healthcare workers, our security forces for their exemplary courage and sacrifice during the continued Covid-19 pandemic. Each and every one of them is a hero in our eyes."

Uhuru added that the schools will be reopened on January 4, 2021, assuring both learners and parents as well as guardians that the government will do everything to ensure their health and safety remains our foremost consideration.

"To every farmer, teacher, artisan, artist, to every worker and entrepreneur, to every innovator and to every investor; I wish to assure you that 2021 is the year of Building Back Better, building back better for the opportunity, building back better for reclaiming lost ground, and for realising greater growth as well as opportunity and possibility."

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