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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Tangatanga MP cries 'Fimbo inatayarishwa' after Uhuru's bombshell


A section of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies in Central Kenya could have panicked. It is reported most did not anticipate the bombshell  President Uhuru Kenyatta dropped on Saturday. One was heard pleading with a church to pray for him because "fimbo inatayarishwa." He claimed the President was incited on Saturday to crack down on them. They fear Uhuru may soon start a campaign against them in their constituencies where several aspirants already are salivating for their jobs. A vocal Tangatanga woman MP told colleagues there is life after politics. During the burial of Musalia Mudavadi’s mother, Uhuru said most of those 'insulting him' rode on his wave to get elected. He promised to fight back at the right time.

Just exactly how many students are yet to return to school after the institutions reopened after 10 months closure? While the government says up to 97 per cent have reported back, those charged with tracking ‘missing’ learners tell a different story. Sources, including senior government officials, have intimated to Corridors that as many as 20 per cent or about two million students are yet to report back. This contradicts the official position that only three per cent of the learners are still out. This begs the question: where are these learners? Is the Education ministry led by CS George Magoha (pictured) aware his statistics are in dispute?

Are some members of a giant health workers’ union planning to remove their leaders for failing to advance their interests? Well, some union members were overheard canvassing in low tones how they were plotting to oust their leaders whom they claimed are using them to enrich themselves. The health practitioners had converged at a meeting point to start their march to a government office only for their leaders to fail to show up. The action angered them triggering talk of removal. They claimed there could be some behind-the-scenes manoeuvres by their leaders to scuttle their strike.

A Jubilee MCA has set tongues wagging with his powerful influence and control of county government affairs. The ward rep, who hails from a troubled county, is said to be the one running the county government in disguise. Insiders say the man calls the shots and his word is law in the county. Those who oppose him, including his colleagues, have found themselves in trouble. Recently, he threatened a county employee with sacking after the officer declined to submit to his advances. True to his words, the officer was kicked out of her job on the Public Service Board weeks later.

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