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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Kisii locals cut off man's hand after he slashed wife's legs for eloping


A 22-year-old woman is in critical condition in hospital after sustaining serious injuries from her husband who slashed off both her legs.

According to a report from the Nyamaiya Police Station, Kisii county, the woman by the name Naomi Bosibori was attacked by her husband after allegedly getting married to another man secretly.

Monianku Sublocation Assistant Chief Robert Juma informed the police about the incident through the phone.

It was established that the woman left her husband at Tabaka for three weeks and went to Bomware village to visit her aunt.

She stayed with her aunt for one week and left, to the neighborhood where she got married to another man, Francis Kengu.

Upon getting the wind of his wife’s marriage, James Oroko Obara rushed to the scene on Friday evening armed with a panga.

He slashed off both her legs and deeply cut her on both hands at the palm and forefingers.

The villagers who were angered turned against him and cut his left hand, where he sustained a deep cut, hitting him with stones before the area chief rescued him.

The two were rushed to Tabaka Mission Hospital where they are nursing injuries, the man is in stable condition.

The police recovered the weapons used.

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