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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Kieleweke governors in closed-door meeting with Ruto at Hustler Centre


Excitement seems to have greeted Deputy President William Ruto’s camp after a group of governors who have been leaning towards President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Kieleweke wing of Jubilee Party visited Hustler Centre. An insider intimated that the county bosses held a closed-door meeting with the DP and his top strategists for more than an hour. According to the source, the meeting was a closely guarded affair. He insinuated that it is just a matter of time before they formally announce their defection to the hustler nation.

Is the government broke or who is frustrating payment of the officers who surveyed the Eastern Mau forest block? The officers had been dispatched to the disputed site to find a lasting solution following frequent clashes over land ownership. The officials, most of whom are surveyors, were deployed by the Lands Ministry at the contested cutline with a view to ending clashes. A small bird has whispered to Corridors that they have been waiting patiently for the money to hit their accounts. They are now appealing to Lands CS Farida Karoney to ensure they get their dues.

A wealthy businessman seeking to try his hand in politics has become a source of quick cash for some MPs and officials of a popular party. The man is said to be dishing out money to the lot, ostensibly to help him secure a ticket for an upcoming by-election. In the last week alone, he has met more than 10 MPs and party officials, giving them money to convince the party boss to hand him the ticket. Last week, one MP was overheard telling a colleague to reach out to the man for cash. Interestingly, the legislator said the man was not even in the party leader’s picture for the seat.

A youthful lawmaker could soon face the wrath of elders from his community. The legislator is said to have angered the elders whose blessings he rode on to win his seat. The elders, according to a mole, are unhappy with his latest rants and attacks on a popular politician. They had recently reconciled him with the politician but soon after, he renewed his attacks. The elders are now said to be planning to summon him, with insiders saying they could withdraw their support for him and endorse his opponent for the seat in 2022.

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