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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Actor’s request to have his body eaten by lions rejected by zoo


Ricky Gervais' request to have his body fed to lions at London Zoo when he dies has been rejected. The After Life star, 59, had recently said on the late-night talk show of US host Conan O'Brien that he wanted his remains to be fed to lions at London Zoo after his death.

However, it has now been reported that his bodily donation has unfortunately been turned down by conservation charity ZSL, which owns both London and Whipsnade Zoo. Kathryn England, Chief Operating Officer of ZSL London Zoo told The Sun: "I suspect Ricky may be a bit gristly for our lions."

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Yet, the COO suggested that perhaps Ricky could make a different type of donation - a monetary one from his reported £102 million fortune. She continued: "But we are struggling financially because of lockdown so if anyone wants to 'give something back' we welcome donations that will help us keep our lions fed on a more suitable diet."

Ricky [Photo: Courtesy]

The suggestion comes after Ricky's recent appearance on Conan O'Brien's chat show saw him make the unlikely offer. Outspoken animal rights campaigner and vegetarian Ricky said of his idea: "It would be good to give something back. We eat animals and destroy habitats and at least then I could give something back." He then added: "It would be amusing to see the faces of tourists when this fat, naked dead body is thrown out and as it lands some people go, 'is that the bloke from ‘The Office?'" It is certainly a novel idea!

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It comes after Ricky told The Mirror back in November that he thought he was going to die after recently choking on a smoothie. "I was just going down to the hotel to film After Life and I had a smoothie," described Ricky. "I must have coughed or breathed, and then I couldn’t breathe. I started choking and I couldn’t breathe and my throat closed up and I went on the floor." He described the moment as "f***ing horrible" and "the closest I've come to dying".

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