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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Uganda's Bobi Wine accuses army of bodyguard’s death


Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has presented medical reports showing his personal bodyguard was killed by an object that crushed his head and chest, and that blood entered the lungs, causing his death, contrary to reports by police.

During the burial of Francis Senteza Kalibala in Kilowooza Vila Maria, Masaka City, on Monday, Mr Kyagulanyi displayed X-ray images and medical result sheets.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate dismissed the army and police narrative that Senteza fell off one of the cars in his campaign convoy. 

The X-ray sheets contained a reconstruction of Senteza’s head that portrayed a sunken and broken skull. The report also showed jaw-bones broken multiple times.

A medical report seen by Daily Monitor indicated that the injuries could have been caused by excessive force to the head and chest. Reports also showed that the diseased had undergone internal bleeding in the lungs.

According to Bobi Wine, these injuries couldn’t have been caused by merely falling off a speeding car as the army and police reported. 

“The police always lie whenever they kill innocent Ugandans. They were at it this time too but the report from the medical team at Rubaga Hospital shows the true cause of death” Mr Kyagulanyi told mourners.  

Upon the display of the X-ray sheet, there were emotional scenes as mourners wailed, with others cheering on the politician.

What police said

On Sunday, Senteza was picked up from the road around the Busega roundabout, where he had been abandoned in a pool of blood. Mr Kyagulanyi said he was crushed by an army vehicle. 

Later the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPF) spokesperson, Brig  Flavia Byekwaso, released a statement on her official social media platforms, saying he fell off a car.

“UPDF would like to clarify that Senteza was not knocked down by a military vehicle as purported, but rather fell off a speeding car, Reg No UBF 850z (Drone). He tried to jump but fell off,” she said in a Facebook post. 

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga also released a statement with the same narrative.  

But on Monday, Mr Enanga said police had planned to exhume Senteza’s body for a postmortem to establish the cause of death, but that officials of the National Unity Platform blocked the exam.

“We have now started the process of obtaining a court order to exhume the body to classify the cause of death and the nature of injuries. The initiative is also a great opportunity for our teams to make sure all the parts of the investigations are completed,” Mr Enanga said last evening.

At the burial, Mr Kyagulanyi said Senteza was the 21st of his supporters to be killed by security forces.

“We are not fools. We know how the government tries to play with people’s minds. We shall continue chasing for the justice of our fallen comrades through all means...” he said.

Mr John Baptiste Kalanzi, who spoke about Senteza, said he last saw the sixth of his 10 children a day before he died.  

“When he came that night, I only offered him a rosary and asked him to be careful.  He was happy. I still remember the last smile he gave me,” Mr Kalanzi said. 

Clergy speak

At the requiem mass, priests urged mourners to vote for change in the coming elections. 

Rev Fr John Mary Mayiga Kiwanuka, the priest of Kilowooza Parish Church in Masaka City, told the biblical story of King Herod, who caused suffering upon his people but was later toppled and humiliated. 

“May the killers [nd others involved] be buried upside down. The prayer is that they may rest in banana plantations, not in heaven, because they have not brought any peace,” Rev Fr Kiwanuka remarked. 

Rev Fr Deogratious Kiibi, who attended the service, said, “You keep saying religious leaders are quiet. They stopped talking to leaders and now talk to God directly. We ask you to vote well next month and guard your votes.” 

Speaker after speaker eulogised Senteza as disciplined and committed member of Mr Kyagulanyi’s team.

Presidential candidate Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde arrived as speakers addressed the mourners and was greeted with loud chants of “People Power, Our Power.” 

Gen Tumukunde, who referred to Mr Kyagulanyi as Mr President, asked mourners to remain strong despite the violence. 

“Teargas doesn’t kill so you shouldn’t fear. Continue with the struggle. You, Mr President Sir, be stronger...,” he said. 

A the burial were many NUP leaders including the secretary-general, David Lewis Rubongoya; deputy president in charge of the central region, Mr Mathias Mpuuga; and leader of the women's chapter, Ms Flavia Nabagabe Kalule.

Also present was Kalungu West MP Gonzaga Ssewungu, who condemned the brutality against journalists covering  campaigns. 

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