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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The coronavirus pandemic: It is not all gloom and doom


The Covid-19 pandemic has cast a dark cloud but there has been a silver lining to it, too.

Deaths, critically ill patients, ruined businesses and job losses have been the devastating consequences of the disease.

Health protocols enforced to curb the spread of the disease have improved hygiene.

In the race to adapt to the pandemic, people have embraced technology to facilitate working-from-home and virtual meetings.

The virus has also triggered scientific innovations like the new vaccines being rolled out and new testing kits. 

As the deadly virus wreaked havoc in China, business was usual in other parts of the world including Kenya where schools were in progress.

That, however, changed on March 15 when Kenya confirmed its first Covid-19 case.

On March 17, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered all schools to be closed within four days - highlighting the impact of the virus which had by yesterday infected 95,923 and killed 1,658 in Kenya.

When the Covid-19 pandemic arose, various measures were put in place to curb the pandemic.

Such measures like improved cleanliness played a role in reducing infection rates not only of Covid-19, but also other diseases like cholera and diarrhoea, which are caused by poor cleanliness.

Other measures like the curfew and lockdown reduced road accidents. There was also increased use of technology like Use of Zoom in studying and in meetings. Families also had more time to bond together since people stayed indoors and there was no much movement.

Health practitioners advised on healthy eating. Most people adhered and observed healthy eating. This boosted most people’s health thus less spreading of the disease.

Deadly disease

As the disease continued affecting the world, people drew nearer to God as they asked for divine intervention and protection against the deadly disease.

Due to spreading of the disease, countries worldwide united and co-operated in fighting the disease as scientists came together and made vaccines.

Though people lost jobs, they were able to grow their talents and became more creative. There was also more love and concern among neighbours since most even shared with each other even one loaf of bread.

Mortality rates increased than any other time. This was due to lack of effective medication or handling by the doctors since most doctors didn’t have proper gear to handle the spread of the disease.

There was interruption of education due to closure of schools worldwide. There was also deterioration of economies since funds meant for other purposes were re-allocated towards curbing the pandemic.

There was also massive loss of jobs since there was no money to pay employees. Socializing and movements were restricted due to measures put in place to control the spread of the disease such as lockdown and curfew.

Local and international trade was extremely interfered with since most countries were focusing on how to curb the pandemic.

Tenants were being evicted from their rental houses due to lack of money to pay rent. It was so serious that some even sought shelter in classrooms.

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