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Monday, 28 December 2020

Sifuna, Jumwa off the hook over Msambweni exchanges


ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna and Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa have been let off the hook over their bitter and vulgar exchanges during Msambweni by-election campaigns.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission has said it won’t press charges against the two. This comes after they publicly apologised for their remarks.

“For us, we won’t pursue anything beyond what we have done,” NCIC commissioner Danvas Makori said.

The commissioners said the fact that the two politicians acknowledged their wrongdoing and publicly issued an apology are a testament to their regrets and willingness to reconcile.

“Those words have effect on the ground in terms of supporters. They have potential of inciting people on the ground. So, if they take them words back, then that is enough to heal,” he said.

"Our act gives us powers to do that. If somebody acknowledges in public, then we stop at that because that acknowledgement is enough to heal.”

Sifuna and Jumwa were grilled by the commission last week during which they publicly apologised.

Sifuna had offered to do 50 hours of community service to show remorse and demonstrate his regret.

“As a lawyer, I am offering 50 hours of free legal service in any case touching on gender-based violence, particularly in Msambweni. This will demonstrate genuine remorse so that we can put the chapter behind us,” he said.

The following day, Jumwa also apologised and promised to restrain herself.

“People did not know what triggered my utterances, but I apologise to the country and in particular the girl child,” she said.

Jumwa further said she had forgiven Sifuna for remarks he made targeting her.

Makori said the NCIC Act allows them to use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to reconcile parties.

“It is the preferred way of resolving conflicts. Being taken to court won’t cure anything. We think that ADR, conciliation and mediation are the key,” Makori said.

Section 51 of the NCIC Act gives the commission the mandate to reconcile warring parties.

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