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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Samburu residents in Kwale cry foul over land sold to private developer


Elders from four clans in Kinango subcounty, Kwale, have called out a private developer whom they claim has refused to clear their outstanding payments for land they sold to him.

The private developer, according to the clan elders, bought 266 acres of land from the clans at an estimated Sh82 million about three years ago.

The land is located along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway at Gora in Samburu, Kwale county.

The clans from the Duruma community include Mlaire wa kwa Paka (23 acres), Mwabeja (41 acres), Mwayawa (38 acres) and Mwanyota (164 acres).

They said they have only received about Sh31 million only. The land has since been fenced and there is no access to it.

The clan elders said the private developer has already processed a title for the land and has been selling portions of it to other people.

On Monday, the clan elders led community members in demonstrations seeking the government’s intervention to help them get paid the remaining Sh51 million.

“We want the government to revoke the title deed to the parcel of land until we are paid in full the money owed to us,” Mwangadu Mbita from the Mwayawa clan said.

Mbita said the four clans have resorted to working together to ensure they get paid.

“We have done all we can to convince the private developer to clear the remaining debt but to no avail,” Mbita said.

The clans have gone to national government administrative officers, the courts, human rights groups and political leaders to have their grievances addressed but nothing has worked so far.

Kalimbo Dzombo, from Mwanyota clan, said they have knocked on almost every government door seeking help but in vain.

“We hope our cry will be amplified by the media so that the people in authority in government hear our cries,” Mbita said.

Nguta Lewa, from the Mwabeja clan, said the private developer has sold pieces of the land to other people and has been paid in full. He owes them Sh6.6 million.

The agreement, according to Lewa, was that the money would be paid in full within 90 days of the purchase.

“So, why doesn’t he want to pay us the balance?” posed Lewa.

He said the private developer has been using authorities to harass them as an intimidation tactic.

“He has been colluding with about four people from our clans to take us round in circles. It is only that we respect the government and that’s why we have not taken any action against the four,” said Lewa.

He said if they cannot be paid their balance, the land should revert to them.

Reverend Frederick Kanato said all the four clans have been peace loving but people are now taking advantage of their peaceful nature to fleece them.

He said those involved are using intimidatory tactics to discourage the clan members from pursuing justice.

“Every now and then, our members are forced to flee their homes because word gets out that they are being sought by police officers. This is pure intimidation,” said the cleric.

“We elected political leaders to help us secure our lands among other things, but they have been silent. Let them speak up,” Kanato said..

The county government said they will follow up the matter, while the police said they have received complaints from some clan members are and investigating the claims.

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