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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Middle-aged woman arrested in Kiambu on suspicion of luring teens into a porn ring


Tere was drama in Kiambu on Tuesday after police officers swooped into a rental apartment, arresting an unidentified woman on suspicion of child abuse.

Several witnesses who spoke to Inooro TV said the woman had been shooting racy content with teenagers for sale online.

When police officers raided her house on Tuesday, angry neighbours demanded that the woman be paraded in the media for all and sundry, to deter her from renting out an apartment for such business.

According to police reports, a concerned parent has made a report to the police that his two children had gone missing on Sunday.

“My two children went missing on Sunday and their phones were going on and off, it was after I tricked one of them that I got to know where they have been staying,” a concerned parent told Inooro TV.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the woman had been harboring teenagers at her house, with neighbours loudly claiming she was luring them into a pornographic ring.

“We have never seen this woman before, even when she is hanging her laundry to dry, she takes less than two minutes, it is like she was hiding,” a nieghbour told Inooro TV.

Kiambu OCPD Kimani Mitugo confirmed the incident saying that a middle-aged woman and her daughter had been arrested and were aiding police officers in the investigations.

Mr. Mitugo said the woman told police officers that the six teenagers had been invited over by her teenage daughter for a weekend sleepover.

She alleged that some of them had refused to return home long after the soirée was over.

Probe into the matter in ongoing.

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