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Monday, 28 December 2020

Former Kisii mayor calls for dialogue to end assembly fights


Former Kisii mayor Samuel Nyangeso has called for dialogue to end the standoff between MCAs and speaker David Kombo, who is facing a removal bid. 

Speaking in Kisii, Nyangeso described the ongoing e assembly wars as shameful and risk derailing development, even as the country ushers the New Year.

“There is no development that can be realised in an environment where animosity reigns as we witnessing now in the assembly."

"I urge both sides to sit down under the guidance of an elderly and mature politician like Senator Sam Ongeri and Woman Rep Janet Ongera and talk so that we give  development a chance,” Nyangeso said.

There have been running battles between some MCAs and the police following the closure of the assembly on orders the ward reps suspect are from the county executive.

The MCAs were hastily ordered to vacate the assembly after a notice to fumigate the assembly premises was issued.

They have since dismissed the fumigation exercise saying it was intended to lock them out from discussing crucial matters affecting them.

They have since picked a temporary speaker after they sent David Kombo packing a month ago.

A vote to determine his impeachment was characterised by fighting as the MCAs tore up ballot papers.

Kombo, however, said he would return to office after 28 of the 68 MCAs voted  for him.

The 28 votes, he told journalists, gave him the required threshold that secured him a comeback.

Many of the MCAs seeking his removal, however, want him to quit, saying he lacks the moral ground to lead a divided House and where majority members have already rejected him.

Nyangeso said the fight is unhealthy and should be resolved fast for the sake of the electorate who are crying for development.

He spoke after he donated food to orphans at Jogoo Children, Mesista School for the Deaf in Bonchari and Keumbu Holiness Children home.

He urged other leaders to intervene so that the assembly can resume its operations without any external interference.

The ward reps accuse the executive of attempting to thwart the removal of the speaker.

Deputy Governor Joash Maangi on Sunday said MCAs should be allowed to pick their speaker without interference from any quarter.

He said the assembly should not be closed at the whims of an individual who is on an ego trip.

“It is your right to fight for your assembly and determine your own affairs away from any interference. I am ready to stand with you as you ,” Maangi said.

His boss, James Ongwae, has remained mum on the ongoing wars.

At the same time, Nyangeso called on the local political leadership to be more philanthropic during seasons like this and help put a smile in the face of the less privileged.

He deplored the status of infrastructure at Mesisita School for the Deaf saying much needs to be done and quick enough to help the pupils learn under congenial atmosphere.

The school is run on a private premise and experiences high turn over of staff due to lack of funds to pay salaries.

Nyangeso urged local leaders to pull resources together to help buy land for the pupils so that they can be accommodated in an atmosphere ideal for learning.

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