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Sunday, 22 November 2020

'What can mere mortals do or say?' Jowie's wife speaks after Jacque's comments


Eleanor Musangi aka Ella, Joseph Jowie Irungu is the perfect example of sticking to your man no matter what.

So we all know all the drama that transpired in Jowie's life after he was a suspect in Monica Kimani's death. He was imprisoned and so was his fiance then, Jacque Maribe.

There was little we knew about their relationship and how they ended things but Jacque filled us in during her interview with Carole Mandi on True Love Magazine.

Well, the script in Jacque Maribe and Joseph Jowie Irungu'ss love to break up story has taken another turn.

One thing that came out clearly eas that she regrets it all.

After saying her truths, we have not heard from Jowie but his 'wife', Ella had a few words for him and indirectly to Jacque. 

"There are times I look at you and literally cry...not because of anything wrong but because I admire the resilience and courage you take in-spite of what you’ve been through. They don’t know and they don’t need to. I’ve not met anyone with Gratitude and Faith in God as you are but I swear by the living God that I serve-we serve. He will vindicate you open through the eyes that have sneered at you, the lips that have gossiped and insulted you, the hearts that have despised you, feet that have rushed to witness your fallen days and hands that clapped and wrote about you -everyone and everything will bear witness to what the Mighty God will do upon your life." Ella took to social media

Adding that Jowie will be transformed by God and we will all witness.

"He will put a crown of honor and glory upon you for the sake of His Holy Name. He will rebrand you so good that they won’t be able to recognize who you are. What can mere mortals say or do upon the anointing and calling that God has put in your life? I Eleanor Musangi serve a living God with whom I have undeniable evidence and testimony of who He is. He knows me and I know Him. I’m more fond of calling Him Father because I know who I am in Him I know that the Lord will continue to bless you and take care of you. He will be kind and gracious to you. He will look upon you with His favor and peace."

Ella ended the long post with the assurance that she will always love him no matter what because they are shielded by God.

"The Mighty God is not men that he should lie...neither is He sons of men that He should change His mind. Whatever He promises He fulfills and when He speaks it’s done. You're the love of my life. Heaven and earth will continue to bear witness to us and our testimony will live on long after we are gone. We choose to serve God in our generation and come what may. We shall keep running and successfully finish our race before our savior Lord Jesus..am with you until the end @jowie.irungu_official"

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