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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Prodigal daughter: Sharlet withdraws from Msambweni MP race, returns to ODM


Independent candidate Mariam Sharlet has withdrawn from the Msambweni parliamentary seat race.

Sharlet resolved to support ODM candidate Omar Boga for the forthcoming by-election after consulting with the party leader Raila Odinga.

She spoke on Tuesday at Millenium hotel in Ukunda when she reunited with her former party members.

Sharlet had left ODM for Jubilee party and later went independent.

This is after Jubilee failed to field a candidate for the Msambweni mini-poll to honour the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila.

Feisal Bader and Sharlet defected from ODM after the party turned its interest on Boga.

Bader has the support of the Deputy President William Ruto.

Sharlet said she opted to return ODM because that's where she belonged.

"I never had any party rather than ODM, I am their daughter and this is my home," she said.

She said with Boga, they can accomplish many things and turn every dream of Msambweni residents into reality.

Sharlet said withdrawing from the race is not a sign of weakness but bravery.

She assured her supporters that ODM was that right place to be.

"Trust me everything will be fine, so relax and feel safe, " said Sharlet.

She also dismissed allegations that she ever left ODM.

"I don't recall leaving the party, I can confirm I am not the one who wrote the resignation letter, " she added.

Her withdrawal comes days after a section of team Kilalo Bashir returned to Bader after they joined Boga.

The team led by Idi Masemo reunited with Kilalo after settling their indifferences.

Peter Nzuki, Kilalo and Bakari Sebe are among the people who pulled out of the Msambweni parliamentary seat race.

The by-election is set to be conducted on December 15.

The Msambweni seat fell vacant after the death of MP Suleiman Dori.

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