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Thursday, 19 November 2020

MP Murunga sent me gas cash before he died, says 'lover'


A woman claiming to be Matungu MP Justus Murunga’s lover has said he sent her Sh1,300 for gas refill and Sh4,000 for upkeep two days before he died.

Agnes Wangui wants the courts to stop Murunga’s wives Christabel and Grace from burying him and her children allowed to take part in the funeral.

She also sought an order for collection of DNA samples from the MP to ascertain the paternity of her children.

Murunga died on November 14 while being rushed to hospital after collapsing at home. His body is lying at Lee Funeral Home.

“I am apprehensive that there may be concerted efforts by the two wives to lock me and my children out of the burial arrangements and the actual burial event,” she says.

Wangui says she’d been in a relationship with the lawmaker for seven years. They have two children, a boy, seven, and a three-year-old girl.

She says she is yet to come to terms with the news of Murunga death and wants their children to be allowed to take part in the funeral arrangements.

She says in court papers they first met in 2013 when he was a supervisor at Embakasi ranching. Wangui ran a business selling beverages and snacks within Sewerage area in Ruai at the time.

“Shortly after, we began a romantic relationship and out of the said union we were blessed with our first child who was born in November 2013 while our second child was born in 2017. Murunga later rented a house for me in Ruai,” she says.

Wangui said Murunga lived in Utawala with Christabel all this while. But around May 26, the MP rented a house for her in Ruai.

She says Murunga paid her rent and maintenance costs for their children. He sent money via M-Pesa through his two registered phone numbers.

According to the court documents, the relationship soured in 2017 when Murunga won the Matungu parliamentary seat.

“Murunga never wanted the public nor his family to learn of the existence of our two children and even denied me his identification card for purposes of procuring birth certificates for the children,” she says.

Through lawyer Dunstan Omari, Wangui says after talks, Murunga resumed supporting the children but in a staggered manner up until his death.

According to the court documents, the MP always acknowledged and maintained the children.

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