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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Ledama Olekina's Maasai regalia marred by 'wrong shoes'


Narok Senator Ledama Olekina entered the history books as Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka allowed him to don traditional Maasai regalia to Parliament. It appears though the Senator is getting the essence of traditional regalia, however, his colleagues from the community were overheard snickering how the lawmaker is yet to get it 100 per cent right. The nitpickers say that whereas the Maasai regalia requires simple akala sandals, the senator has gone overboard with 'exotic' open shoes. They want their friend to go all out and source authentic akala, so they can consider his Maasai outfit complete. Clothes maketh the man, in this case, his shoes. 

Is a governor who is battling a corruption case in court celebrating the death of a former senior county staff member whom he sacked to pave the way for his allies? Well, insiders say the county chief has been in a celebratory mood since he learnt of the death of the ex-official. Corridors understands the former employee was a key witness in the graft case and had been lined up to testify against him in February next year. An insider intimated that the governor told his handlers that "God is with me." He is accused of embezzling millions of shillings.


On Monday, we told you of the board chair of a water corporation who was on a spending spree at the entity. Well, Corridors has learnt that the official has since moved to another corporation in the same capacity. Staff are said to be wondering why the corporation bothered to spend so much money to put up an ultra-modern office for the chairman and buy him a Sh19 million official vehicle. What is more disturbing is that the official did not surrender the official vehicle and took it to the new posting. The management at the new posting should perhaps start to think about building a befitting executive office to be fitted with expensive furniture.

We also told you of a university vice chancellor who has become a law unto himself. Well, the man has instructed one of his deputies to write unprocedural letters to lecturers warning them against taking part in an impending strike. UASU representatives at the school want to instruct lecturers to stop teaching self-sponsored students in a pay row. The union bosses laughed off the unlawful bid to clip their wings. The letters, which the varsity officials have since withdrawn, contained grammatical errors.

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