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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Don't play Lotto, beware unmasked Kericho mechanics


Motorists who allow mechanics without face masks to repair their cars risk having the vehicles towed to Kericho police station.

County commissioner Kamau Karungu issued the warning on Tuesday, saying they were not protecting others, and themselves, from the spread of Covid-19.

He said most mechanics near the KCC roundabout were not wearing masks or keeping social distancing to stem the spread of the disease.

Karungu told open-air garage operators they risk being evicted if they continued violating safety protocols.

On Saturday, the commissioner and police commander Silas Gichure destroyed 135 Lotto gambling machines at Kericho police station.

The crackdown follows the crowding of youths into gambling joints in Kericho where Covid-19 is spreading fast.

Police broke into gambling dens that operators had locked; operators had fled.

Speaking outside Kericho police headquarters on Saturday, the commissioner and commander said the crackdown on gambling would continue and those behind it will be arrested for contributing to the pandemic.

At least 85 machines were confiscated on Saturday and the rest on Thursday during a police raid.

The surge in Covid-19 has hit Kericho hard, it's the fifth hardest-hit county.

Karungu said administrative chiefs and police officers will also raid bars and wine and spirits outlets violating Covid-19 protocols.

“Some outlets were selling alcohol and allowing customers to drink it on the spot, instead of taking it home. Some bars and outlets also failed to close at 9pm before the 10pm curfew," he said.

The crackdown will also cover overcrowded PSVs and overcrowded funerals where the disease spreads, he said.

Karungu said the crackdown will be carried out in the subcounties of Belgut, Ainamoi, Bureti, Soin/Sigowet and both Kipkelion East and West where the contagion was spreading fast.

"Health directives must be followed to the letter," the commissioner said.

Wearing masks, washing and sanitising hands, avoiding crowds and keeping at least 1.5 metres distance from others is required, he said.

Police will continue educating residents on the need to prevent the disease.

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