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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Woman rep with acerbic tongue blunders during live TV debate


A woman representative from one of the marginalised counties in the country has stirred political debate about her grasp of the English and the Kiswahili languages. The MP, a controversial lawmaker with an acerbic tongue, recently made a major blunder in a debate hosted by one of the TV stations. Her fluent command of the Queen's English caused her a lot of trouble as she launched attacks on Deputy President William Ruto. Some of her colleagues were overheard complaining within the corridors of Parliament that the lawmaker had embarrassed them.

An MP from Nyanza is causing ripples within the political circles after he declared his intention to run for governor. Barely two months after his public declaration, the politician has heightened his political activities across the county, including holding impromptu harambees in churches. The move has triggered a storm within the incumbent governor's camp. The current governor is said to prefer another MP to take over from him in 2022. With all the politicians in ODM (headquarters pictured), the battle for the gubernatorial race is promising to be a bruising one. The county has always been described as the home of ODM political theatrics.

A senator from Western Kenya recently took his senior colleague in Parliament by the horns. The senator, a man plotting how to unseat his current governor, caused laughter in Parliament when he claimed that he has assembled a financial war chest big enough to propel him to the county's top office in 2022. Many senators, including his senior colleagues, challenged him to confirm if he was open to scrutiny on how he has acquired his wealth. But the lawmaker went personal and attacked a colleague whom he accused of wasting his fortunes through gambling. The senator recently acquired the latest Lexus model in the market. Call it manna from heaven.

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