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Friday, 2 October 2020

Woman rep sends tongues wagging after donations of inner wear to widows, elderly


A woman representative from Western Kenya who is plotting a gubernatorial bid has sent tongues wagging over her latest pet project. The lawmaker has stunned many residents after she decided to donate innerwear to old women and widows across the county. It is not clear if the MP is buying the donations using the Affirmative Action funds, but what is clear is that she has rolled out a massive distribution programme. While her critics question the latest sort of empowerment for vulnerable women, the politician's popularity is said to be on an upward trajectory. There are claims the MP could have partnered with an international charity to fund what looks like a fairly expensive venture. 

Did a senior ODM official place a phone call intimidating a leader in the Nyamira County Assembly? Details have emerged suggesting the high-ranking official at Orange House (pictured) made a strange telephone call to one of the assembly leaders this week. According to a mole at the assembly, the ODM official warned the grassroots leader against ever trying to make statements on behalf of the party. Corridors of Power understands the ODM official is unhappy with the conduct of the branch leader and is scheming for his removal from a leadership role in the assembly in the coming days.

A communications guru associated with one of the leading political outfits is under siege and off-message. The man has been attracting unkind responses from followers on social media following his obsession with vicious attacks on Deputy President William Ruto. The man enjoys a massive following across his social media pages with an indelible footprint on Twitter. However, instead of leveraging on that presence to propagate his party's policies, the man is not benefiting his political camp. His frequent rants and tantrums at Ruto have caused him a lot of trouble, with his followers turning against him. Things are thick for the communications expert, his job is on the line.

Just how desperate can politicians get? The first-term MP from Nyanza whose video of him dancing in a pub while drunk went viral is now trying to silence his critics. Bogged down by claims of non-performance in the NG-CDF kitty and waning public support, the MP has now sued one of his critics. The lawmaker has obtained orders to silence the critic from making remarks or even holding protests to push the legislator to deliver his promises to the electorate. Locals now want the anti-graft agencies to expedite investigations into cases against the legislator. The big question is how will he silence the voters who have vowed to kick him outcome 2022?

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