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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

NCIC urges government, private institutions to be non-partisan


The National Cohesion and Integration Commission has urged both the government and the private institutions within the country to carry out their duties independently without bias.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press briefing, NCIC chair Samuel Kobia said that being selective in discharging duties can hamper unity in the country.

“We implore all law-enforcing agencies and indeed all other government institutions to discharge their duties justly, dispassionately and impartially,” Kobia said.

Kobia has equally urged the political leadership to exercise tolerance and embrace peace as they engage the public.

He said that Kenyans are grappling with many challenges at the moment, hence not the right time to engage in divisive succession politics.

The NCIC chair has also said that all Kenyans have the right to live, make a living, travel, vie for leadership, and work in any part of the country without fear.

We have also noted with concern statements by leaders who have been warning others that they have to seek permits for their meetings. Yet Kenyans cannot be considered outsiders in their own country.

He continued that, “It is wrong and unconstitutional to prohibit people from moving around or meeting. These are liberties guaranteed in our Constitution.

The commission has further condemned violence in any part of the country, and that it will hold to account anyone fanning hate, tension, and violence between communities and groups.

We also wish to remind all our leaders, be it at the national or county level that no Kenyan is above the law.

NCIC has also noted that if the current trajectory is left unattended to, the country could well go the way Rwanda did in 1994.

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