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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Lamu handicapped to start getting social benefits


Persons living with disabilities in Lamu are set to receive their affirmative action benefits from October.

The first phase of the exercise targets at least 400 PWDs and is being undertaken by the national government in coordination with Muslims for Human Rights. 

This comes at a time when disabled persons in Lamu have numerously accused both the county and national governments of neglect.

The first phase pays special attention to persons with disabilities from the Boni minority community. 

Muhuri Social Audit Officer Jaffer Masoud said 422 people have been registered so far.

Speaking in Lamu on Tuesday, Masoud said the lack of a proper registration mechanism of marginalised community and disabled people by the state had denied them access to grants from government and NGOs which would have improved their lives.

He said the major objective of the social audit exercise is to ensure disabled persons from marginalised Basuba, Mangai, Mararani, Kiangwe and Milimani areas get all the assistance they deserve.

“The programme is aimed at elevating the lives of PWD from marginalised communities. They will be receiving their share of the Inua Jamii money from October ,” Masoud said.

He said out of the 422 PWDs registered in Lamu, 248 had already been issued with special IDs to enable them access health benefits, loans and start businesses.

Lamu PWDs spokesperson Ahmed Omar appealed to the government to avail more opportunities to offer socio-economic relief to disadvantaged communities and persons. 

“Our biggest prayer is that there would be more such opportunities for people like us. We have been neglected for long,” Omar said.

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