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Thursday, 29 October 2020

How I ran away from public hospital with aching tooth - CS Kagwe


Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has narrated how he ran off with an aching tooth after being mishandled at a public hospital.

Kagwe spoke in Mombasa on Thursday when he recounted the poor dental service he once received at a public hospital as he urged medics to give patients a pleasant experience.

 "Years ago I had a toothache  and I was taken to a hospital in Mukuruwe-ini where there was no anaesthetic," he said.

Kagwe said the hospital did not have a dentist either.

"...but somebody had to deal with my tooth. They got a pair of pliers as if they were on a construction site and I was told to open my mouth . And the guy who told me this, was someone I knew," he said.

"And at the sight of it .... I took off and ran away. That is what I remember about the hospital. That hospital and health worker did not put a smile on my face ."

The CS said the sector should perform better to prevent cases of seeking treatment elsewhere.

"Our unemployed health force will be absorbed. Let's focus on improving our diagnosis," Kagwe said.

"If services in a government hospital are good then Kenyans wouldn't visit private hospitals."

Kagwe said Kenya needs to think very carefully about NHIF and invest in primary healthcare.

"...and put in places mechanisms towards achieving affordable healthcare. Let’s focus on improving the accuracy of our examination because I’m sure you will agree with me that one of our most costly mistakes stems from inaccurate diagnosis which results in wrong prescriptions and unfortunate consequences," he said.

Kagwe said the success of the health sector as one of the government’s Big 4 Agenda is pegged on the collaboration between the national and county governments.

"My plea to you as the drivers of health in your counties, particularly those who have not attained these targets, is that you deal with this matter as expeditiously as you can… please do not let your county down…" he said.

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