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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Film directing to large scale farming: Here is what spouses to Kenyan celebs do for a living


Have you ever wondered what the spouses to your favourite Kenyan celebs does for a living? Most of them are self employed and thriving at it.

Here is what spouses to Kenyan celebs do for a living.

Eddie Ndichu

Eddie Ndichu is Janet Mbuguas husband and  is the opera managing director and vice president for Fintech Africa.

He formerly served as the Head of Digital Service & Mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group.

The couple has two kids namely, Huru and Mali.

Janet Mbugua, Baby Huru and Eddie Ndichu
Janet Mbugua, Baby Huru and Eddie Ndichu. photo credit: file

Agundabweni Akweyu

He is a record producer, founder of record label Bwenieve, arranger, composer, songwriter, entrepreneur, audio engineer and a husband to Kenyan gospel musician Evelyn Wanjiru.

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Evelyn wanjiru and Husband
Evelyn wanjiru and Husband

 David Mugoro-Mercy Maika

Apart from being Mercy Masika’s husband, he is a videographer .

He is also Masika’s  manager and a business man. The couple have two kids.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika with her husband David Muguro

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Andrew Matole-Yvonne Okwara

He is married to Citizen TV host Yvonne Okwara. Apart from playing the role of a husband, he is the Director of The Andys Veterinary Clinic Ltd.

According to his LinkedIn account, he was an Associate Veterinarian at Dr Suresh Shah Veterinary Clinic.

He was also an Executive Committee Member of the Kenya Veterinary Association.

Andrew Matole

Yvonne Okwara & Andrew Matole

Phil Karanja

He is a film director, a producer and an actor.

Phil is now married to Kate Actress and they have two kids.

Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau

Anthony Gichuru

Anthony has been married to Julie Gichuru for more than 13 years.

He is a businessman and has invested in Science, Agriculture, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

Julie Gichuru and her husband co-own MIMI online shop, Footprints for Africa, and Arimus Media.

The Footprints for Africa Foundation purposes to empower and build healthy informed and dignified societies.

The pilot projects include the African Leadership Dialogues, a Pan-African platform that tackles conversations around resource utilization, and growth in Africa and the Great Debaters Contest.

Tony is also a large-scale farmer.

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